a few pics

 This was Rodney just minutes before I left for the weekend to run the Ragnar, sick and feverish. Yuck.
 This was my van (minus Tara!). These moms are all amazing and fast.
 I was grateful to get to know them all better.
 Rory and Amanda passing off to each other. The day went from cold, to hot, to cold, to HOT
The Veteran's day parade never disappoints down here. This year it was the best I've seen in a long time. The only thing missing was horses and horsemen. You'd think in our little town we could have half the parade of horses, but nope, not a one. I was disappointed, but everything else was great.

I had a long week of catch up with sick kids and laundry and then the walk a thon at the school Friday. I taught a few zumba songs to each class and it was so much fun. Exhausting, but fun. I love dancing and that I'm able to teach it and still do it.

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