a pet's paradise

Monday night the cat didn't come in to the house. This is unusual. Every night, we call her and she trots in with her jingle bell ringing and happy to eat mice all night. Monday night? no cat. I worried all night and kept going out until midnight calling for her. "Heeeeeeeeere kiiiiiiiiiiityy! Heeeeer kitty kitty kitty!"

No cat.

Early Tuesday morning.

No cat.

I ran out to the road before the kids were up to make sure there was a cat, but stuck to the road, if you get my drift.

Thankfully, no cat.

The girls didn't seem to mind at all. In fact at the bus stop Abby nonchalantly says, "Look for any furry bumps on the road." Gah!  Lucy's all, "Yeah, it got eaten by coyotes."

I'm raising wolves I tell you.

By Tuesday afternoon I'm sullen. I just started to like that cat, darn it.

At 4pm, we all go to get into the car. As I reach for my keys to unlock the girls scream "THE CAT!!!". And sure as shoot, there it was, trying to crawl up and out the windows when she saw us.

We locked the cat in the car, all night long. And was I relieved that fluffy Lilly cat was alive? NO! I was so mad at that dumb cat for crawling into the car. ha.

After having a good laugh, Lucy reminded us of all the other places we have misplaced cats. Namely,

the fridge.


the dryer.

No animal was seriously harmed in either instance.

They say you should have pets for a few years before having children.  I think they might be spot on.

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