non refundable fun

Back in early November I called my sister and told her we HAVE to go see Nutcracker. We had taken the girls in Utah, but hadn't gone since then. It had been 4 years!  And so, we purchased the tickets (yikes!) and planned the date.

Things have been a little off here at the Leavitt house lately (largely due to me) and I was not feeling up to going, but guess what? You don't really have a choice with theatre tickets. So I put on my spanx, a dress and heels and we went.

Of course, it was wonderful. I loved watching Abby's expressions as she didn't remember ever going before.  The Smith Center, again, was impeccable and breathtaking. This time I took my camera and got a few shots.

We love going to the Nutcracker, and I didn't tell the girls about it until last night! They keep complaining that all their friends have seen "frozen" and other movies a ton. And I just kept saying, "someday, someday". Well, it was well worth missing out on movies for a few months for sure.

I can hardly wait to take Phoebe for her first time next year, she was still too young to go. Rodney? Yeah, he's  not going for a decade. ha! That boy,  I swear.

Thanks to my wonderful mom and sister Sarah for going with us, it's a fun tradition I hope to keep going. I'm always amazed that Heavenly Father gave us these amazing bodies, and the beautiful things that artists and athletes can do with them.  My favorite part of the night was the girls putting on our Nutracker soundtrack and doing all their favorite roles.

It definitely helped with our Christmas experience this year, so thank you non-refundable tickets!

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