A New Year

We rang in the New Year in the most unusual way, and I never want to do it again. New Year's Eve morning my sister Sarah accompanied me to the hospital for more blood work and we furniture shopped until we heard the news that the shot is working! And soon this ordeal will be over (hopefully!). That made me so happy that I suddenly didn't feel an urge to have to buy furniture anymore. Funny huh?

That afternoon we came home to a puking Phoebe. We have been blessed with good health for more than half of this year, but a crazy stomach bug has been sweeping our valley and boy did we get it, just several hrs before New Year's, and it wasn't fun.

But it did make me appreciate, once I was better of course, how amazing our bodies are. And how amazing mothers are. Night after night I have been up with one child or another taking care of them, giving out medicine, rubbing tummies, cooling fevers, watching movies with them. I'm so grateful they are almost all better. And I'm so grateful for all the knowledge and experience I have that I don't freak out when every toilet in the house is being barfed in, and every sheet in the house has to be washed…again. I seem to take it all in stride, and I appreciate that.

Yesterday, I was sad. It surprised me, how sad I could be about losing a baby. It wasn't even really a baby, it never could have been. But it still makes me sad, and I know time and prayer will help me heal…eventually. Today, I'm okay being just sad.

On a happy note, I am so very excited for the New Year. I have no idea what it will bring, but I'm still excited. And that's really saying something.

Last night we ate toast in our jammies for dinner. And it was wonderful. 

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