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When you have a minute (ha!), here are some good articles that I have encountered on ze internet. I definitely don't post anything unless I feel it's worth reading. Well, maybe that's not exactly true. hehe.

My sister Danna's family has two autistic sons (my nephews!), whom are equally wonderful and smart and live in a special needs home. I really appreciated this article as it reflected many things I have heard her share from her heart, and many of my other friends with special needs children express.

The Unique Grief of Special Needs Parents: read here
I have been aiming at having a "real" dinner and better ones that keep everyone happy and at the table, and it's been working. Granted, things are a little less healthy, but you can't have it all at once right? Baby steps. Here are a few table pleasers:

The only meatloaf recipe we've ever liked here (warning:it's not healthy in any way!)

An easy and delicious slow cooker chicken teriyaki bowl recipe that everyone loved here
I'm amazed at how much this pregnancy and loss has affected me. I'm so very grateful for all of the kind thoughts and words (you all know who you are). Some people have said things, and I know they meant well, that hurt. But I know they were trying, and I appreciate that. I'm positive now that I have said some not smart things to friends who have experienced a loss. Lesson learned (ha), now that I'm in their shoes. I basically have made a resolution to not judge anyone's actions anymore, because you just have no idea what they have been through! Experience changes everything, it takes so much faith to keep having hope and smiling.

A wonderful article about grief that has helped me here
I was down in the dumps and this clip always makes me laugh. Also his book, Dad Is Fat, EVERY parent should read. Too funny.
This TED talk  (isn't TED all the rage now?), I feel that it applies to everyone. I really appreciated her comments that everyone has "hard" and you can't compare it. It also takes more effort to appreciate people's efforts at empathy then to easily scoff and make fun.
And for FHE we watched this video about Mormon temples. I don't think anyone, of any faith, can argue that they aren't absolutely beautiful on the inside.

some lovely flowers someone left us

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Audrey said...

Lots of love and prayers your way. I really hope I wasn't one of those people with hurtful comments. I have a big mouth sometimes! Thanks for your beautiful words. I can honestly say your blog is the only one I haven't grown tired of. You have such a way with words.

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