out of control

somewhere on pinterest i read a poster that in bold modern letters stated: I write, therefore I exaggerate.  haha, guilty. yes I exaggerate sometimes, okay  maybe a bazillion times every post.

this post holds no exaggeration, it's a stew that can hold a fork straight up all on its own.
 no ketchup needed today.

saturday night my parents were awesome and came to sit with the girls and play games (ha, lucy cajoled them into watching disney channel muck) while ty and i took a much needed temple trip. driving there we talked and laughed and held hands, just happy to be alone together AND out of the house. something we have been neglecting a lot lately.

heading down north las vegas blvd a car shot straight out of nowhere straight into our lane. i didn't even have time to shout to ty it was that fast. ty swerved out of the way and missed him by inches, but when we looked up with relief all we could see was a semi truck's grill and head lights heading straight AT US in the turn lane. again, ty swerves out of the way and our tail end whipped away from its deadly path at the last second.

after that it was a slow motion blur. we were fish tailing and tipping across the entire 5 lanes. thank goodness there were no other cars around. near the end  when cds were flying across my face (yes, i still listen to cds and tapes) i saw all of my kids' faces and knew we were going to be very injured and in the hospital for awhile. i was peaceful the kids were with my parents, and grateful ty and i were together. i knew this was going to be, and braced myself for, bad. at that moment ty reached over (still mad at him for letting go of the wheel) and grabbed me and said "It's ok, we're ok, we're ok".  I was flabbergasted. How were we ok? The car was tipping and spinning backwards in a 180 degree turn fast and furious stunt drivers would be envious of. and a second later the car screeched to a halt. we were heading the opposite direction 5 lanes over.

nothing happened? how did nothing happen? we were ok! i was hyperventilating, but ok! the poor other driver, bless his little heart. he felt awful and asked us to forgive him over and over and over (again, no exaggeration needed). ty tried to assure him we were fine and it was ok, but you could tell he wanted to repay us somehow. because really, we should have rolled, really, really should have. really, really, really should have. finally i had a prompting and i just blurted out, "we forgive you! but you go to church TOMORROW and say your prayers!"  i told him we have four little kids at home and were blessed nothing happened. he promised he would go to church and say his prayers, and i added "for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!"

ty afterwards laughed that i wasn't specific and should have forced him to find a mormon church haha. but if any good can come out of that and he will find his faith again, then it was worth it. sure our tires are black and have chunks missing from the tread from skidding, but we are safe, the car is fine, no other drivers were hurt. it is crazy even thinking that it happened. (ps ty is sad you can't see our skid marks. psh. men)

i have never been so happy to be at our temple, and then home with my family. i know a lot of prayers were answered that night with our safety. ty has said over and over again, there isn't a logical explanation for why we straightened out like that at the last second to miss the semi. it also doesn't hurt that ty is an excellent driver and doesn't speed. 5 extra miles per hr and we would have a not so lovely encounter with a mac truck.

i think i've had a lot of "faith" filled and religious posts lately, but i would be an ungrateful mess to not write this one down.

say your prayers and go to church.
because we really never know when things will get out of control.


on our hike last saturday


stephanie said...

oh my gosh annie! i'm so glad you are safe. and seriously, that guy better go to church.

angela michelle said...

yikes! so hilarious that that's what popped out of your mouth. I wish we could find out if he did it!

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