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life has been plugging along nicely around here. the older girls were in the Missoula Children's Theatre production of Alice in Wonderland. Every year for a week the touring company puts on a play in our community. The girls loved every minute of rehearsals! Abby loved performing on stage, Lucy, not so much. abby can't wait for next year, lucy said she's more interested in a "director" position next year. atta girl.

the two little ones have become best friends over night. i was just about to put phoebe in preschool two mornings a week, and held back (i'm still in denial she is growing up). i couldn't be more happy that i did that. they play all morning and afternoon long. phoebe, of course, is the alpha and directing rodney in all of their adventures. pirates in the tree house, playing mom and dad in the play house, searching for lost treasure, fishing in the sea. playing "puppy" and i'm sure that leash will strangle someone any minute. they also are loving running errands with me as long as it's before 10:30. Rodney has a magical "cannot be in public" button that goes off after 10:30am. After his nap he is good to go.
two of Ty's close friends and teammates on the high school baseball team both passed away suddenly when we were in our early twenties.
Ty and Shawn 2000
Our friend Shannon set up an annual alumni game where the money goes to a scholarship fund. Ty played in the  Robison Sandoval memorial game again this year and I unfortunately couldn't go. I enjoy seeing old friends and acquaintances and donating to a good cause.   Ty had a great time despite not playing as well as last year. He always enjoys playing baseball. Lori Sandoval gave this beautiful framed picture to Ty saturday and he was really touched. losing a friend that young changed ty into a different person, and i believe a better person. There hasn't been one morning since that day in 2007 that he doesn't wake me up, kiss me and tell me he loves me before he leaves for work. No matter what the hour, and I always appreciate it (yes, even at 3:30 am sometimes!)

our ward has been having babies, babies babies! and i love it! sometimes it makes me a little sad, but most of the time i'm happy our ward is growing. it's been fun having an excuse to buy baby outfits too . hehe

rodney differentiates people in two classes: GOOD or BAD. there are good guys and bad guys, and you better know what you are. he is constantly telling me i'm a "good guy", but "you're a girl, your the best mommy!"  swoon!  i motioned to the Del Parson portrait of Jesus and said, "Look, who's that?" and he said, "Oh Jesus! He's a good guy" and casually walked away.

i'm not exciting to write about, still can't do much with my foot other than walk, ty gave me an insufferable head cold which i in turn passed to Rodney. i had a small procedure friday to find out some stuff about the ectopic pregnancy that produced no answers. but! i am healthy as a horse in my guts and i am ever so grateful about that.

playing with uncle taylor

cheesing it at church
dancing to grandma's new piano

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