In January my friend Chelsea's dad was really great and gave me some Advocare products to try and if I liked, promote to my exercise classes. I already knew about Advocare and some weightlifting/bodybuilding coaches that used them, so I was excited to try. Here's a little confession, since Thanksgiving I gained really, really close to 20lbs. Twenty,  That's a lot of weight for a 3 month period and no baby to show for it.  I was really excited to start exercising and take these products.

And I did take them, but the timing was awful.  I took them for a week and exercised for a week and then cut my foot open :(. I also was/am still having health issues from the pregnancy. I still kept taking the products, but couldn't work out.  So of course I didn't come out with an amazing before and after shot looking like a bazillion bucks, but I still want to review these products and recommend them. I feel crummy because they were a lot of money.

But if you are at a plateau with health and exercise, I would definitely recommend them. They gave me increased energy, mood and motivation to work out. I definitely will use them again. I used three products:

I used the Bio Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) before every work out.

I took the multivitamins every day

And I used the energy drink mix sporadically

 The BCAA's were my favorite.  I took three 15 minutes before working out they increased my energy and reduced muscle soreness while promoting lean muscle mass. It's easy for me to take pills, so the size didn't bother me at all.

The multivitamin packs only took a few days to get used to when to take and with a meal or not. I've never taken a thermogenic before (fat burner), and I don't drink caffeine (it hurts my stomach) so the first day I was a bit of a shaky mess. I got a headache by the end of the day, but the next day I was fine. The thing I loved about the vitamins was the energy I go throughout the day, it really helped to boost my mood and motivation. It curbed my appetite during the day also.

The final product I used was the Spark Energy drink mix. I only used this several times as, again, I'm a little sensitive to caffeine. The taste was great! If I drank energy drinks/caffeine consistently I think this would be a great substitute  to wean you off of that crappy stuff. I did love it before my work outs also.

Overall I would recommend these and other products from advocare for weight loss support/well being. Even though I didn't get amazing results, I'm grateful I tried them and look forward to trying again when I'm healthy.

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