what we been doin'

we spent a magical weekend in Utah for Taryn's graduation. the kids slept 90% of the way up and home. rodney had a 20 minute cry fest both ways, but hey, you win some you lose some right?

we spent a wonderful less than 48hrs in utah and i'm grateful we were able to go.

the weather was perfect! even some rain for my parched soul! i stopped by my old and fabulous  Shep  salon for a new brush, and he was there and we had a nice chat.

the highlight (besides Taryn's accomplishment!) was going to the Sacred Gifts exhibit at BYU. OH my goodness, please please please go if you are in driving distance. They just extended its viewing two more weeks.  They have some of the most beautiful artwork of the Savior from Europe and New York, that will most likely never leave those chapels/palaces again. I was moved beyond words at their beauty. Beyond words people.

we even had a lucky chance of bumping into the Sandersons. gosh, we sure love that family.

the only bummer of the trip was this weird conjunctivitis I  had in my eyes. I was sure it was allergies, but couldn't risk it being the beginning of pink eye. So my visit with my Great Nephew never happened, I'm coming for you baby Will!

Here is another short summary of our trip in pictures:
the only positive thing i've done in this life is give these beautiful genes to my children
the botany pond at BYU never disappoints, Goose Eggs!
Maynard Dixon paintings, sigh
we never ever, chase the ducks. hehe
Leavitt cousins
walking around your alma mater with husband and kids you always dreamed about is WEIRD
our hotel was fantabulous and complete with rocks on FIRE. 


Rachael said...

Hello Annie! Approximately a million years ago we were visiting teaching companions in Provo--I think you lived near University at that point. Anyway, I was catching up with an old friend's blog and saw your name on the sidebar and thought, hmm, why does that look familiar? So fun to spend a few minutes catching up with you & seeing your beautiful family!

Kay Hardy Barlow said...

Ok, so I still read your blog, but seldom comment, but I have to on this one, because I think we just did your same trip when we dropped off Kaylee at the MTC. Is that the Marriott? Cause that's where we stayed. And I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the sacred gifts exhibit. Although my 15 year old son was less than thrilled with it. We had taken him to see the Carl Bloch one in 2011, and since this exhibit featured Carl Bloch again (albeit different paintings), he was not impressed when we told him this may be his LAST chance to see these paintings...He just mumbled, "That's what you said LAST time..." Ahhh...15-year-old boys...gotta love em. (On the other hand, my 12-year-old boy wasn't that into the exhibit, but he sure had fun with the rented i-pad, viewing more of the paintings via it than in "real life." ) Good times! Congrats to Taryn too!

angela michelle said...

Yes, that exhibit is amazing. I always feel the same way when I walk around BYU. So weird to be on the flip side of things. I sort of want to run up to fresh-faced students and cackle, "And THIS is what will happen to you! bwa ha ha!!"

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