it's may day time

for over a hundred years our community braids the Maypole on May day. it's a neat tradition that i'm happy to support for many years to come.

may day also means HEAT. the cold air blew away with the last of April winds and i'm pretty sure the heat is here to stay. all of my beautiful rose blooms withered away over night with the heat.

we only have 4 full weeks of school left, and my mouth is watering over the thought of summer time. no schedules, or homework or commitments.
dreaming of swimming

rodney will turn 3 next month (gasp). i've never had a 3 year old birthday and not had a newborn. so it's  a little strange, but not scary. just new territory and i'm ok with it. i think.

and last but not least, i was asked to write a post for (don't tell them i gave my copy to DI) about my experiences with postpartum depression and motherhood. it was not an easy task, and i finally wrote down a lot of things that have never met this keyboard. who knows how it will go and if they post it, if they do i will let this blog know. if they don't, i might be brave enough to post it on here.

here's to the month of May!

*i read this book last week. anyone else? i'd love to discuss it with someone
*one of my favorite quotes this week:
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