memorial day and thoughts

this is the third year we have trekked to the cemeteries with all kids for memorial day. and for par, there was wailing and gnashing of teeth and a few graves accidentally walked over (seriously overton cemetery, a few markers?). in case anyone is looking for an eagle project, hint hint.

anyways, we went as soon as the heat lowered from sweltering to just a simmer. we told the kids about their relatives and our family friends that we saw. we walked and i teared up at all of the babies buried, oh, so many babies. one of my greatest fears is losing a child. as we drove home i told ty, i don't think i could handle that. but then i thought, what about losing a child spiritually? that should be my greatest fear, it's something i try not to think about. my greatest goal for my life is to raise all my children with strong testimonies of Jesus Christ and the gospel.

the fear of losing an adult child through poor choices and addictions drives me to do some silly things. i get frantic about protecting them against pornography, FRANTIC. i try to limit their exposure to media, songs, and conversations that are blatantly promoting breaking the commandments. i also get uptight and yell and scream because i want them to be happy, successful children. the irony is not lost on me.

enough with the tangent: taking them to the cemeteries is important to both of us, and even  though they complain about it, i know as adults they will be grateful.
as luck would have it, we found out that every memorial day there is a veteran flag ceremony at 7pm in overton.  mark your calendars, it's definitely something to take your kids to see once. ty and i both were happy the kids could watch it, even though there were a lot of "mom, this is like, so loooong" comments. God bless those veterans, every one.

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