Mission farewell

we ran down to sunny southern california for cousin DJ's mission farewell
it's strange watching your nieces and nephews grow up, marry, have kids, missions. things it feels like i was just experiencing yesterday. i'm so grateful for my faith and the strength it gives the youth. DJ is very ready for his mission, and we will miss him SO DEARLY. 
we love DJ. he is so, so so good with our kids
they played and played and played and...played
we didn't get a picture with spencer and tyler, but we spent all day Sunday with them and it was perfect. i'm glad my kids got to know them better and keep asking about them and what they are doing today. that makes my heart happy.
look at the framed photograph in our hotel room. i know right? so cool.
sunday we packed up the hotel room and got in church clothes. since it was mother's day ty let me sleep in and braved the continental breakfast alone with all four monkeys. he sure loves me.
these army men were the best $4 this momma ever spent
our kids freak out when we stay at hotels. i mean, freak out. they love the stairs, the elevators, heavens, they love the smoke detectors! i swear we have to set up an "elevator button" pushing check off chart so everyone gets their fair share. 
but they gave me the best Mother's Day gift ever by all sleeping the ENTIRE trip home.

i love my family, and am grateful we were able to go and support the Skoy family.

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