what does your list look like?

now that i'm home and looking around my house, i realize how neglected it has been.

slowly, i have been cutting out a lot of commitments i have made outside of the home and focusing more on home. my list of things that need to get done and i would like to get done around here this year is written down.

how do you tackle home projects? slow and steady? or all out warfare? i'm kind of an all or nothing person, but luckily the only way is slow and steady with a house full of kids.

in other news, after we came home from California i came down with an awful case of food poisoning. and when i say awful, i mean it and will spare you the gory details.

thank goodness for my parents and grandma leavitt, they saved the day for me on friday when i was ready to curl up in a ball and die. luckily, there is amazing modern medicine and i'm starting to feel like i have both feet on the ground.

we have a wedding this weekend! so exciting! and memorial day!! and summer just around the corner, i can't tell you how excited that makes me.

this year has been full of ups and downs for me personally, and us as a family. its' frustrating, to feel like i'm making some personal progress and then wham! another hurdle put in our way. i'm going to take this quote to heart this week:
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