seen and heard

"Mom, remember a long time ago when I told you that when I was a mom I would buy myself all the barbies and polly pockets I wanted to play with?"  "Well, I don't think I'm going to do that anymore"

phew! i was a little worried.

abby brought home the sweetest/creepiest piece of artwork Ty and I had ever laid eyes on:

my sister told me this story, up in Utah they were by a fountain before going out to eat with us. phoebe threw in a penny and made a wish. Aunt Sarah asked her what she wished for.  She whispered so carefully "I wished that I could ride a unicorn!"  Please stay little forever Phoebe!

Just this morning while working out she said, "Mom , you look like a boy when you do that"


He's been spending a lot of time in time out lately for yelling, one time I put him down in the chair he scrunched up his face, balled his fists and spat out "YOU SILLLLY GOOOSE!" in his meanest voice possible. 

"Hey mom! Wook at my boots!"

Last week I went grocery shopping late at night and glanced into the car parked next to me, and yup there was a bale of hay in the back seat. why not?

Last night the sky was quiet and serene and I felt grateful for my little town

ty's working in an interesting part of Vegas lately. over the past month he has witnessed a gang fight, an arrest afterwards, a homeless man that collects and rearranges rocks at the park every day and a speed walker flip out on a work truck for being in the way of the trail.  never a dull moment!


Trent & Tara said...

This post is great!! Ok the top pic that Abby drew is a little creepy and looks like Mr. Brill!! lol That is crazy what Ty has been seeing. So grateful to live in our quiet tucked back place....Overton Rocks!!

Jed Wheeler Family said...

oh our little jack and phoebe!

and i still can't get over abby's loving tribute!

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