wuv, twu wuv

a wedding! we love weddings! the kids have been waiting ever so not patiently for the day to finally arrive. we all dressed up in our nicest duds, and drove to the temple for Taylor and Megan's wedding. it was beautiful! they were sealed for their time on earth and for all eternity together by a beloved family friend and neighbor. it was a perfect day all around and we all had a wonderful time.

enough sappy stuff, here are some pictures to remember the momentous occasion by.
light saber app fights saved the R man's no nap attitude
4 generations (minus Camille)
important Jedi discussions during pictures 
they love "uncle" megan!
it was funny because they entire day ty and i kept laughing that we love watching other people's weddings, and are so glad it's not ours. don't get me wrong, we loved our day. it was pretty fantastic if i say so myself, but oh! we are much happier today than then. and we were extremely happy and in love then, but it's just...better. not perfect, but peaceful and content. i can say that i love ty more today than 11 years ago, so i think we are doing something right. and, my hair was so nice that day we had to take many pictures to document it.
 her dress=gorgeous!

corinne caught all these candid photos, and i love them.
cousin fun
look at those eyes!
love this one
5 best blessings in my life

we were laughing in this photo because debbie (the photographer) told ty and i to kiss. in case you didn't know, we are both very shy with public kissing, i would have loved to see our faces when she asked us that. haha
the receptions was so fun for the kids, we were so pooped on sunday!

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