fathers and families

i've been teaching a 6-7 year old class in church every sunday for a year and a half now, my favorite part, aside from watching them try to sit still and not wiggle for 2 hours, is singing the primary songs with them.  even though i'm not so talented in the vocal department, i love singing these simple verses that always help me think more about motherhood, families, and our relationship with God.

here are some lyrics we sang on sunday:

God gave us families
to help us to be what he wants us to be.
this is how he shares his love,
for the family is of God.

i've said it more than once on here, parenting is hard! motherhood is exhausting and being the dad is stressful. but i can look at the trials ty and i have passed through as parents and wouldn't trade them for anything. we both are better people, parents, and spouses because of each and every one of them.

ty loves things clean and orderly. he is willing to sacrifice having the house perfect for a few decades to endure a house full of growing mess makers. (it still needs to be clean(ish) just not perfect)

ty loves having things work just the way they are supposed to and look nice. because we have a large family he spends 1/2 of his time fixing our hand me down tools and older cars before he can get the work done. we laugh that in our house every time you fix something, two other things will break.

he would love to spend his time on his dream truck, but he knows the kids will grow and be gone and there will be plenty of time for things like of that nature later (i help him remember this too).

but i think i love him most because he gives me beautiful children, and in the first place he knows everything about me and still agreed to have a family with me. win/win

 ty and baby wodney 2011
ty and baby phoebe 2010

 do you think they realize how lucky they are? 

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