i took a big step today. i am giving away (or tossing) my pajamas.

don't feel badly, i haven't bought pajamas in four years. i currently have been sleeping in, whatever tshirt i pull off a hanger, with a pair of pajama pants. my pj tops and pants are always! mismatched, and after a quarterly organizing spree of folding them all together it only lasts a week before they separate from each other. seriously, my clothes just don't get along or something.

one of my goals this year is simplifying my life. aint nobody got time to organize their 7 pairs of pajamas.

on a side note, rodney is starting to laugh and point when i don't have my pajamas on and just my whitey tighty templeroos. if he were older, i would sit him down and lecture him about the laws of gravity and what nursing four babies does to the chesticular region. but as he isn't, something's got to give. get it? hahaha

not the nightgown i ordered

in order to solve the problems i ordered two nightgowns and a nice kimono for unexpected morning visitors. like, the bug man or water man. yikes.

i'm pretty sure i can keep track of two nightgowns and one robe. heaven help me,  because if not i've got more issues than pajamas if i can't pull this off.

i think my granny would be proud.

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angela michelle said...

What kimono did you get? My husband thinks my ancient robe makes me look like a bag lady.

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