when you're baby isn't a baby: rodney turns 3

well, it's here. the birthday week where i will mourn every nap time and bedtime with my baby.

my baby wears diapers and sleeps in a crib
my baby talks to strangers, and they understand him
my baby feeds himself with a fork and spoon and drinks from a "Non" zippy cup
my baby has gone #1 in the potty 7 times all on his own volition
my baby loves star wars legos, ninja turtles, pirates and robots
my baby loves to dress up (we only have dresses and skirts) and says "WOOK! i'm a pirate!"
my baby snuggles and hugs me every day
my baby lets me sing lullabies to him
my baby still holds my hand and tells me he "Wuvs me"
my baby can count to ten and sing the alphabet
my baby has his favorite books memorized
my baby knows the differences and names of all heavy equipment on construction sites
my baby knows every Jedi
name (seriously)

my baby isn't a baby, but i want him to stay a baby forever.

this morning i told him he could live in our house and play nintendo the rest of his life (but not really)

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