real life

let's get real here people and talk about some stuff. blogs are not real life! i hope that i have not tried to persuade readers on this little thing in any other direction. i try to be honest about our life (to a point, i obviously edit out a lot of personal things) around here and my feelings as a mom. i really hope that readers understand i'm not trying to portray a different picture of myself. i'm quirky, and flawed, and funny (well, i try) and honest.

so, real life. i gained a lot of weight with pregnancy #5, the loss and the aftermath of all that. 20 lbs. i've lost like, 5. yes, FIVE. but for the last 12 weeks i have been busting my buns with an online personal trainer (more on her awesomeness later) and am feeling stronger and HAPPIER. yes, happier!!! sure, most of my clothes still don't fit and the scale refuses to budge, but I am happy! and i sprinted yesterday and my butt and tummy didn't jiggle or flop. that is real progress people.

anyways, i definitely only show nice pictures of myself on instagram and here because, hey! i'm human and i want everyone to think i'm a smoking hot mess. but in reality, there is one good angle of this woman and it is profile. everything else is, shall we say....crop worthy. haha.  so for the sake of my readers (all 22 of you) and myself here are a few good photos that i of course took myself, and bad angle pictures that ty's family always so graciously snaps of me all the time. ALL THE TIME. my posterity is just going to love all of those ones.  for your viewing pleasure and i hope you have a great weekend knowing how awesome your photos always are right? riggggghhht.

this is my "i am sucking in so hard it almost made me pass out photo"
and this is my, "i've been working out like crazy and this angle makes me look good" photo.

this is my "front squats are awesome. so there" photo.
*these next ones are the self esteem boosters:
i chose this apron specifically for it's ability to slim your waist, or er, rolls.
 "paul bunion meets grunge meets 80's bangs" photo
someone please, for the love, burn this shirt for me.
but not the shorts, they are the only pair that fit. yikes. 
"hi, i'm bloated and on vacation and born in the 80's" photo
this is my, "i was feeling so awesome i skipped the spanx for the wedding" photo
sheesh megan, you make me look bad woman

in all good sport, i know that i am way too hard on myself. i am an active and healthy mom who exercises more than regularly and eats pretty darn healthy. i don't drink soda or eat chips, i don't drink caffeine or alcohol or smoke. i don't eat out at fast food more than once a month and we limit dessert around here. but PIZZA? just give me an entire box and get out of my way. hahaha

there are good photos of anyone, and there are less flattering ones of anyone. all that matters is that i know i'm working hard and am strong and happy. i challenge you to find some unflattering photos of yourself and share them, it was actually quite liberating. 


Melodee said...

awe! I love your photos! we are way too caught up on perfect photos....I love this post!

Cathy said...

I sure like you, Annie. You're pretty dang amazing in my book.

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