scout camp means one thing

road trip!

ty has volunteered in our church to work with the Boy Scouts of America for a long time. approximately 10 out of our 11 years of marriage.

one time i complained that he was always gone on campouts. my dear friend is a widow told me how her son looked forward every month to those campouts .

and i have never (ok tried not to) complain since.

but scouts means scout CAMP. and if it wasn't during the hottest month of the year, i don't think i would blink an eye. it doesn't bother me too much when ty is gone, i just keep on doing what we do you know? but our favorite tradition now is going somewhere with just mom and the kidlets during camp week.

this year we ran away by ourselves (No aunt sarah) to california. We picked up aunt Danna and visited the ocean with my old college bestie Christie.

we swam, we marveled at the waves and dolphins. we walked and collected sea glass. i felt like the sand and the waves pulled away a lot of my daily stress and worry about life. corny, i know.

most importantly we talked, and talked and talked about what's happened over the last 13 years since freshman year at BYU.

my favorite part, apart from the friendship, were the gloomy and overcast skies. oh! i loved them.

it was magical and just what we needed to survive the summer.

finding sand crabs
"wooking for dolpins"

phoebe doesn't need captions
sunset from a hallmark card right?

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Chandra said...

So happy that you were able to escape the heat and have some fun!

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