a trip to the mall

signs you are getting old:

-you think the music is too loud in the mall and in 

-you do a double take at almost every other person's fashion choices walking around the mall. It should be known that I was at the trendy mall with a saks fifth avenue and half the European tourists in Vegas. 

-Almost all the girls under 30 were wearing something like this, except all but a few didn't have the body to pull it off. Sounds harsh, but for real, crop tips are back? Gah. 

-you scoff at all the prices and fashion trends for sale.

-you are confused at the pointy fake nails every woman is wearing.

-you realize that said fashion mistakes and pointy witch nails are all a direct repercussion of people watching the Kardashians and beyonce.

-you sigh with delight when you go to bed at night in your old fashioned bed spread and look lovingly at your short, round natural nails. 

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