gratitude list a plenty

in no particular order, here are the things i am grateful for that i EASILY OVERLOOK.

i am grateful for my fridge, it works. it keeps my food cold and from spoiling! it's awesome! same goes for you freezer. props.

i am grateful for my vacuum, it sucks! it sucks so good! i am always amazed at how much dirt 4 kids, a hard working husband and 2 acres with pets entails.

i am grateful for my dishwasher, a mouse chewed through the cord, so only two settings work, but hey! i get to deep clean dishes every night while i SLEEP. amazing.

i am grateful for my oven, it gets hot, really hot! and when i put food in it, it bakes it! yay!!!!! i am so lucky to have that.

i am grateful for my clothes. many moons ago i was very particular about how nice of clothes i purchased and what brands. and you know what? I couldn't be happier that i was picky and snobby. I have a collection of nice, quality pieces that are still timeless 8-10 years later, and will be for many more. considering i hardly even splurge on target/walmart clothes for me at all, i am grateful for this fact.

i am grateful for our ROKU, netflix and amazon prime. we no longer have live tv in our house and i love it! we can carefully pick and choose what is shown in our home and more importantly, what is not.  this is such a blessing for me as a mom.

i also love my free pandora stations and how happy music makes our home. speaking of music, i am grateful for our piano. it is old and beautiful and hearing my children play on it everyday warms my heart. 

i am grateful for our property. sure, we didn't realize how much work it takes to upkeep 2.5 acres, but it is beautiful. we are so happy with our mature trees and pasture and green grass! our pomegranate trees are amazing also, and i won't lie, i think we have the best pomegranates in town. hehe

i am grateful for my washer and dryer. they are AMAZING. they are one of the best purchases i have ever made. i kiss them on a daily basis.

I am grateful for our few Thanksgiving decorations. We have our "native american" (i can't say Indian) candle holders, and some pumpkins and some pilgrims and fall leaves. it isn't much, but it's enough that my kids can know what it is about and that we do celebrate a season of THANKS. yup, i think it's crazy that people put up Christmas decoration before Thanksgiving. There, I said it.  But I also have noticed they are mainly women who don't LOVE to bake and cook, so I can kind of understand that. And they are more than welcome to think I am crazy for not decorating.

i am grateful for Thanksgiving. It has always been a special holiday to me, probably because i love to bake and cook. I love having family together and I love baking pies with my daughters. And mostly because thanksgiving dinner is one of my favorite meals. Hoemmade cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, peas, turkey and stuffing in one bite! Oh momma. 

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