ups and downs

i spent some time reading over some of my posts from the last few years, something that is fun to do, but scary at the same time. my one goal on here has to always be honest and candid. my life is not perfect, but it really is beautiful. most of my old posts make me want to gag, they are either overtly bragging or giving some kind of dumb advice! ha! i obviously wasn't in a good mood when i read them.  some ups and downs happen every hour, day, week, month and year.

some ups and downs lately:

the weather has finally turned to fall temperatures and i can feel like i can breathe. that is a definite UP! we went to Zion National Park for my birthday and it was chilly enough for light sweatshirts and jeans, heaven in my book right there.

i had to run a TON of errands around town the other day, and rodney was such a trooper. he loves riding in the car and looking out the window. unfortunately, he also gets car sick just like his 3 sisters and i pushed the stop and go for his tummy too much. i can not count how much puke i have cleaned up in 10 years.

i coached lucy's soccer team this year and i learned so much. 1. 9-11 year old girls are dramatic! ha! i didn't expect to have to deal with "feelings" and stuff as a coach already. 2. lucy learned how to be aggressive on the field! and she scored her first goal! 3. i had a great assistant coach, she helped run all of the practices smoothly and calmed me down when i couldn't figure out subs : )

halloween was just as wonderful as always. i do like that holiday. This year we had a ninja turtle, Aphrodite, cleopatra and Elsa.
i was a stinker and didn't help out with any class parties AT ALL. i just stayed home and cleaned and worked on some articles and braced myself for the next day. we had the 31st off of school for Nevada Day and spent it at a party up the hill at great grandma and grandpa's. rodney napped and then we visited our neighbors and trick or treated around the neighborhood. we always bump into other families in our ward and have a fun time catching up and watching the kids happily run from house to house. the weather was PERFECT!

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