my favorite weekend

I love Easter. I think I almost love it more than Christmas. We were married on Good Friday so I think that affects my decision there also. Having our church's conference this weekend made it even more sweeter for my soul. On Good Friday the girls helped me make hot cross buns while friends were over to play. Saturday morning I went for a run alone and marveled at how lucky my life has been and grateful for our quiet and peaceful property.

This week was spring break, and we just played it super lazy. We had friends over Wednesday, Thursday AND Friday, which was fun but I was exhausted by Saturday. I love my kids but a week at home playing and there wasn't a clean corner anywhere. ugh!

Saturday between conference we had an Easter picnic at the wildlife refuge and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. It was like a little slice of heaven for just that little hour and I savored it completely.

Sunday was full of egg finding in our classy pjs, and the eating of candy baskets,chocolate and conference.

I made my sinful potatoes from pioneer woman, honey glazed ham, peas and deviled eggs. Lucy requested my carrot cake that hasn't emerged for over 3 years. I ate a piece of every candy that I liked, and left the rest alone. I ate a slice of carrot cake and all of dinner and felt just fine. I woke up monday morning feeling so tired from the sugar and fat and not tempted to eat any junk for awhile. I know that I can anytime that I want, I'm just choosing not to and that is a huge WIN for me. I am in charge of my destiny, food doesn't control me anymore and that is an answer to a lot of prayers over a lot of years. I have found over these past 6 months that I can feel good for a few minutes when I eat what i "WANT" or feel good all day when i eat to fuel my body.

It was a glorious Easter sunday of gospel truths and family all in one. I'm so grateful that my brother, who was perfect in every way, showed me the way to be baptized, and then atoned for my sins, and died so that I could live again.

Easter joy fills my heart with these two words: HE LIVES!

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