my roses are blooming. which can only mean one thing...

it's fair time! we went we saw, the gyro i ate conquered my insides and i vowed to NEVER AGAIN eat lamb at a county fair.

the kids had a fantastic time. I was impressed with the improvements they have been making every year and it is always enjoyable to see old friends.
ty and i went to the rodeo, i drooled over the manly cowboys in their chaps riding bulls for a split second. judge away, it's fantastic i tell you.

the kids are happy, things are winding down with school and i'm already dreaming of trips for the summer. we only have a month or so of piano, homework, and tight schedules! i know i can't complain, i'm in the minor leagues compared to most mothers with schedules, but i really enjoy less. less, less less.

i tried to catch lucy getting in piano quickly before going to school, it didn't work

i took the kids in to town and everyone got new flip's already getting warm. abby had another seizure (i haven't mentioned the other ones she's had on here) but we finally got an answer as to why they happen. good news: not serious and preventable! phew! 

i'm helping some friends do the 24 day challenge and it is really fun seeing people happy and successful. life isn't meant to be miserable you know? anyways, here is to spring! my favorite time of year!

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