summer trip 2015 part I

sarah flew into las vegas on a wednesday night and we straight up partied like crazy mormons for two weeks! this looks a lot like, playing board games, making food, watching chick flicks, swimming with the kids, talking...talking...talking! it was so great to see her, it's been hard not living close anymore. shopping with her is more fun, eating out with her is more fun, laughing about how dumb I can be is more fun with her.

we loaded up the kids and drove down to see Aunt Danna, Uncle Guy and Spencer and Tyler. They moved to a new cute little home in Riverside, California and the kids had a total blast. Lots of tackling and mangling their dog and cat for 4 days. haha.

our first gorge fest was at Farrell's ice cream parlor! Holy experience!!

our first big outing was to the BEACH! We hadn't gone as sisters in two years, and we hit up corona del mar again and it was heaven. we ended up staying for 7 hours. what? a world record in our book. no one was in diapers. or needed a nap. it was crazy easy! not to mention Rodney is deathly afraid of the ocean, so no need to worry about him at all. he happily played in the sand and chased seagulls all day (and ate).
rodney decided he HATES the ocean after this and just played in the waves.

the girls decided to pull in this massive pile of kelp and even recruited a new friend to help. i just sat and watched, it took them a good 20 minutes to get it onto shore. hehehe.
i love how adventurous the girls are, they just played and played and played and explored.
aunt sarah played with them ALL DAY LONG!
we took a selfie here two years ago

very happy girl

very happy girl

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