jealous much?

The new season of Daniel Tiger is on Netflix. This is a big deal in our house. I love that show, and find myself singing the songs all the time in the midst of a terrible tantrum or chaotic battle over dinner. "You've got to try new foods 'cuz they might taste gooooood!". And, "If you get so mad that you want to roar, take a deep breath...and count to 4!" I'll admit I might have tried to use some of these on Ty. Bah!

A few things about this new season:

1. daniel tiger gets a new baby sister. cue lots of questions like "why don't I have a baby sister or brother?" And "I want a baby!". Stupid Daniel tiger.

2.The episode on jealousy. It's good, it really explains it simply to kids. Everyone gets jealous, and when you get jealous you usually get mad and even act mean around that person.  "If you feel jealous, talk about it!" Thanks Daniel Tiger's mom! 

The jealous monster is always around me. But the more we have been talking about it the more I'm recognizing it. I am jealous of mom's that look put together all the time. I'm jealous of mom's that make healthy lunches and dinners and homeschool their kids, that lead the PTO, that teach and raise a family of great kids, that snap back into their body after popping out 8 babies, that are patient and kind and organic, vegan, understanding all the time and do everything all the time for their husband, and friends, and neighbors and....c'mon.

That lady just doesn't exist. 

When I stop the comparison game, I'm fine. I'm happy for other moms, I'm happy for those newlyweds that still have a dream of well behaved children and clean baseboards. I'm happy for the families that get to go on awesome vacations! They should do fun things! So I'm definitely working on stopping the comparison game right away, and that's by keeping busy myself. I'm reading about a book a week, and doing little projects around the house I've been putting off. And guess what? When I'm busy I don't really think about other people as much! ha! 

I know I talk about social media a lot on here, but it puts the comparison game front and center, with perfectly poised pictures to boot!
 It really is. 

But on a funnier note, this cartoonist became a new parent and made the FUNNIEST cartoons about parenthood. Enjoy!

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angela michelle said...

Those cartoons are hilarious. I know, Daniel Tiger is gold. When Betsy is losing it, the kids will turn to me and say "Is there a Daniel Tiger song for this?" Half the time there is.

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