Provo trip

We ran away for 24 hrs to see the new Provo temple a few weekends ago.  Obviously a quick trip, not as cold as I planned for but even better than we expected.

We use hotwire or priceline for almost all of our hotel stays and flights. We found a great deal on a nice hotel with free breakfast. Let me tell you, when we travel as a family of 6 we hit up those FREE BREAKFAST deals faster than senior citizens hit up the early bird special. We might even *ahem* encourage our kids to stuff their faces so we can see a lot of things before eating again. *cough *cough.

The tour was much too quick for my taste, but the interior was to die for. All Victorian, late 1800's decor and architecture, in milieu with the Provo Tabernacle's design.  The provo tabernacle was our Stake Conference center for 3 years, during college I attended choral concerts there and in 2010 Ty graduated from BYU there! So, he basically graduated from a temple, I'm going to go with that. ha

cheesy fake background but excellent lighting, High Five!
the stained glass throughout the temple was my favorite part, aside from the hydrangeas. Hydrangeas, WHITE hydrangeas!!! Sorry, I'm yelling a lot today. 
Car trip craziness
We of course stopped by BYU campus for our semi-annual bribing session. We let the kids pick out any book and candy from the candy counter. The candy counter is the highlight of the trip...always.

We were lucky enough to catch my beautiful niece Ellie on campus between classes! It was a fortunate coincidence, we also saw Pamela Mecham and then cousin Mady! I need to get those pictures on here too.

All in all it was a fun quick trip, the kids were great. We got to meet our new Niece Aurora! Ah, she is the first baby to make me go...ohhhhh snap I miss this. We saw Russ and Jill and the kids (minus Mason) and that was a super happy surprise!!! Ty got to eat at Cracker Barrel (ech) which made his entire month. We also picked up a copy of this, which we have only had on VHS. Yes, we still have a VHS player. Be jealous. We still love Provo, and next time hope to see more friends and family.

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