for a glorious may

Something amazing has been happening this spring, we are actually getting a real spring! Sure there are a few days of hell blazing hotness, but we also have been blessed with multiple days of cool breezes, cloud coverage and dare I say, light sprinkling?

This year is a definite difference between regular springs. Usually we go from WINTER to a short week of Spring in March and then it is HOT by the county fair. And that was your spring. But the annual May day dances at the school, which happens to be one of my favorite traditions, you could wear a light jacket. I don't want to scream this so just remember, it was cool and breezy at the May Day dances! On May 6th!  It was my favorite year so far.

Lucy chose me to braid the May pole with her as it is her last year at the elementary school. Don't even get me started on the fact that we will have middle school aged hormones children at our home now. Anyway, we told her she could pick which parent to do the traditional may pole with and she chose me! Which I thought was surprising until she told me "Dad said you have never braided a may pole before so you should do it!". That man is going down and soon.

Kidding aside I did enjoy the tradition with her and watching her do the tinkling dance? My spell check won't let me spell it right.

Phoebe was a kindergartener in all their parachute holding and twirling glory. I cry at that dance every year.

Abby nailed her 80's dance too.

Rodney didn't throw a tantrum.

It was a complete success, mostly because it was JACKET WEATHER.

The rest of the year has been flying by faster than a speeding bullet. These next two weeks we have, in no particular order the following events to be at:

  • spelling bee
  • 5th grade talent show
  • our ballet dress rehearsal
  • our performance
  • piano recital
  • 5th grade graduation
  • kindergarten performance
  • cousin birthday party
  • stake conference
  • family pictures
  • last day of SCHOOL
  • I leave for my ABT teacher training in NYC
So you know, not a lot and nothing stressful at all. It's actually all fun things, just very jam packed. But again, all wonderful things. Usually I would turn into a stress monster with this many events at once, but I am grateful we can do all of these things. We are very lucky. 

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