feeling old

Over the last year a few new things have happened that have pointed towards signs of...maturing (getting OLD). Most of them are easy to dismiss. Not liking most new music genres, not knowing who the Kardashians are, constantly yelling at the dancing tv shows that have all of the new dance forms that you think are ruining the art form, hitting the halfway mark to 40, things like that.

Then stranger things showed up. Like, permanent neck wrinkles, stinky sock morning breath, and now you not only have crows feet but you can physically feel your wrinkles with your fingers. Just like Dolly Parton said, "Time marches on, and pretty soon you realize it's marching across your face"

Or buying a slice of pizza at the fair for your kid and the 16 year old worker asks, "Do you remember me? You taught me ballet when I was 5!". I don't remember you because  I swear that 12 years ago I was 12.

The year 2006 always feels like just a few years ago....not TEN years ago. Kids that I babysat are now MARRIED and parents of MULTIPLE children.  My funny/witty movie references literally fall on deaf ears because no one has seen or even heard of my childhood favorites. To add insult to injury, my favorite "oldies" station that played all the classics now plays hits from early 80's. EW!  What is happening to my life?

But the tipping point happened this morning, driving through Las Vegas from the airport. A small honda civic hatchback passed me with a "Classic Rod" license plate marker. Meaning, it's old enough to be considered a "classic".

At this rate tomorrow I'll be getting the senior citizen early bird special.

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