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We battled a small sickness the week before Valentine's day. So of course I was proud that boxes were still made and Valentine's addressed and brought to school. I felt pretty on top of it considering. I sent the food for the class party (I now sign up for about 99% less of school activities to help out) and happily picked up the kids at the end of the day. I was now the one that was sick, so even more props for getting them there right?

Elementary School:
As my kindergartner walks up to me he states ever so matter of factly, "Yeah, I didn't have enough Valentines? And I didn't bring a bag. But it's ok, someone gave me an extra one!" and he pulls out a sparkly girl panda bag.

I try not to hyperventilate, "You didn't have a bag? You were supposed to bring a bag or box?" breathe, breathe breathe. (Thinking, I've finally reached "that mom" status that forgets everything! and he had a horrible holiday because of ME!)  I ask again, "Rodney? What happened? Were you ok?"  

He looks up at me and says, "Mom, it all worked out just fine!" and smiles as he shows me all of his loot. "Do you know what my favorite candy is ever?!" he asked.

"FUN DIPS!!!!!!" he screams and then skips to the car.

Middle School:

Our middle schooler had a class where they were required to write two Valentines, and only two. You had  to sign your name on the Valentine and all Valentines were going to be stapled onto the wall.

I asked Ty, "What kind of sick social experiment is this?!" These poor kids, you have to only pick two friends, and you have to sign your name. Resulting in the popular girl is going to get, like 10 Valentines, and then there are kids who are going to receive NONE, and everyone can read every single one?  

I have a great idea! Let's take time away from learning our subject (where our County has the lowest high school matriculation rate and college graduates in the country) and take time investigate the total awkwardness of prepubescent hormones, our small town's intimate social stratum and add public popularity competition to it and post it on the wall!

This is when I think home school moms might be onto something. But then, if it doesn't kill you it only makes you stronger right? Ick.

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