the best vacuum for a house full of dirt and pets

I have been on the hunt for a good vacuum, since ours recently died. When we first moved into the house I splurged on a Dyson. It was amazing. Its form and function flawless, and it SUCKED big time. I loved it. I washed the filters and thought they were dry (they weren't) so moisture got into the vacuum and over time, think 5 years, it lost suction. *Sidenote, if you have a Dyson and when you turn it on or off it sounds like an airplane taking off of a runway, you have moisture in the engine. You're welcome. Oh, and we also had a carpet beetle infestation and I used the dyson to clean it all up. This took, like, 6 months and I couldn't even look at the Dyson without dry heaving. I haven't written about the infestation yet, because, well...still dry heaving. Urp.

So of course I went to Target and bought the cheapest vacuum there was, a Shark Navigator. There was no way I was going to spend money on a nice vacuum on the off chance my house was still, cough cough, infested.  At first the Navigator worked awesome as far as suckage power, but it's design and form. UGH! It fell over every time I used the wand attachment. I don't curse but I think I cursed more than 100 times over 18 months with that dumb vacuum. When it first broke I was like YES! A new vacuum, but my stupid handy husband fixed it! My excuse was gone. Then it broke again!!!! Again, handy awesome husband fixed it. And then the 3rd time it broke (not even joking) I finally threw in the towel. I had had an amazing vacuum for 5 years and then this flimsy one couldn't even handle my abuse for 18 months. Weak sauce.

I then began the hunt. I literally (ok probably exaggerating here) read 1 million vacuum reviews for a house with hair. We have my long hair, the girls' hair, our narcissistic cat's hair and our horny dog's hair. Oh, and 2 acres of grass and dirt. So yeah, we need a good vacuum.

These are the THREE Vacuums I tried, I know. I'm crazy.
Electrolux Canister

Dyson Complete

Bank Vault Canister

I decided on trying a new brand, since the Dyson scratched our wood floors and the Navigator was the bane my existence. I went with an Electrolux Canister, I love our Electrolux washer and dryer so wanted to try it out. It was really great for our tile and hardwood floors! Super easy to use and pretty to look at. I was happy! It SUCKED! It was great! And then 5 days later the vacuum carpet head attachment was squeaking. Like that plastic, squeak, squeeeeeeeak, squeak, squeak. And I had it. I shipped it back the next day. No way am I paying $$$ for a vacuum to have it squeak at me after 5 days.

As I like the canister type of vacuum I then went with a SALE! on costco for The Bank Vault canister vacuum. I know, really pricey, I'm not sane remember? But this was bagged, and we have family with allergies so I felt it was worth the purchasing price. And oh baby, I really like it! Sturdy, form, function, suckage power were all hitting 5 stars for me!

But then....I was at a costco warehouse and the Dyson Animal Complete was on sale, like, big time, and I couldn't' resist. So I bought it to try it out. At this point I have two vacuums in my house. Can I also add that I hardly, ever ever ever return things? Like, I'm just stuck with it forever no matter what. But not this time, nope. I was determined to find the right vacuum, and the Dyson was so much less (and came with so many attachments I had to google what they do) so I went for it.

**another sidenote, I need to use the word "so", like, so much less**

I decided to find the ultimate vacuum test. I moved our bed to vacuum completely under it. It has been a year since I did a deep clean under there. I took the Bank Vault canister and slowly ran over the area where the bed was FOUR TIMES. Then I took the Dyson (which sucks, holy cow batman, it's strong) and quickly ran the same area over, but only TWICE. You guys, the canister was full of dust and dirt. FULL. It was disgusting. So my lovely Bank Vault was returned. I just could not live with a vacuum that I can't fully trust like that. I felt betrayed, all those promises and it could't pull through for me.

So here I am, with the Dyson. Admittedly, it isn't as awesome on hard wood or tile, but it has a FAN and high shelf attachment. Seriously, I can dust my fans like zippittydooda! easy!  And i can't tell you how much dirt, hair and dust it picks up. Every day. It's gross. I will also admit, I can tell I sneeze a lot using the Dyson, I think bagged vacuums are better for allergies, but I still sleep better at night knowing I'm getting the upper hand at the constant dirt  and hair battle.

The End.

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