pregnancy pillow problems

this isn't really about my pregnancy pillow, which I borrowed from my sil because I strongly am trying not to invest in permanent pregnancy products right now. you know, seeing as I'm "advanced maternal age" and all this time around.

but it's about the 20 second rule. and don't ask me to remember what book it's from, but basically learning a new habit and establishing it you have a 20 second window that can either help get it consistent or squash it.

so if you want to watch less tv, you take out the batteries every time or put the remote in a far away place, so getting it started takes more than 1 second.

if you want to start a good habit you eliminate any obstacles that would take it longer to start, so laying out your exercise clothes for the gym in the morning, the night before. setting your package by the front door so you don't forget. etc.

I started the positive habit of making my bed every day that I wake up a few years ago. I love it. it makes me happy. I love seeing my room when my bed is made and I feel accomplished even if I actually don't get very much done in a day.

but lately my bed making has been stopped by the pregnancy pillow conundrum...

this pillow is a ginormous white u-shaped tube. it's amazing. it supports my belly and my back. it also is...huge. it creates a barrier between ty's body heat and mine. it also creates my own little cocoon. did I mention it is huge? it can't stay on the bed after it's made because, 1. it's huge duh and 2. it's weird looking. and it's heavy. that was number 3. and because it's heavy and I didn't find a place to put it, I stopped making my bed.

when I stopped making my bed every day it seemed ok because honestly, I'm going to nap later anyways, so why go through all of that work right? and it's heavy, don't forget. but because of that it stopped me from picking up around my room. and then it stopped me from caring about my bed and bedroom and it did cause me a lot of negative thoughts about how messy and yucky my room is.

so...20 seconds to fix this right? I decided I can take a few seconds and shove the pillow upright between my armoire and wall. and then make my bed and worry about nap time later. in all honestly it's probably stopped me from napping there, I just lie on the couch. and then my bed is made and I'm happy.

The extra 20 seconds it took to put away that blasted thing stopped me in my tracks. and it was such a simple solution. I do realize it takes less than 20 seconds to pick up the pillow and put it in it's "niche", but still...what a difference it makes to have it put away.  it takes 20 seconds to convince myself it's worth the effort, but that's par for course with about everything right now. "is it worth it to get up and use the bathroom? or should I just wait for when I have to go again in 10 minutes?" "is it worth making dinner tonight?" haha. the list goes on and on.

what do you want to stop doing or start doing? try the 20 second full and see if it works!

also, pregnancy pillows are amazing. here is the link for the one I'm "borrowing", (thanks Megan!)

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